Energy Saving Tips For The Summer

summer heat

Summer is almost here, and with that comes the heat! What’s one thing that inevitable happens every summer? The a/c unit breaks down. There’s your HVAC bill that can range anywhere from $200 to $2500, if you have to replace the compressor itself. And once that is fixed, then you’ve got the constantly running a/c just trying to keep you from being lukewarm.

Well, here are some tips to help you reduce your energy consumption throughout the summer so you can keep that energy bill from going higher than it needs to.

  1. Wash clothes in cold water to save a sizable amount of of money per year, up to $100. Washing in warm or hot water pulls that water from your water heater, which then has to re-heat the new water! Washing in cold water tends to be better for colored clothing anyway.
  2. Try a smart thermostat. A NEST or similar thermostat can help you save a lot on your energy bill when you’re not home or during sleep time. If you’re at work for 8-10 hours of the day, then you only need to start cooling the home down an hour or so before you get home. But there’s no point in cooling for the entirety of that time, racking up your electrical bill in a heavy southern heat.
  3. Turn off your computers, lights, or any other appliances when you’re not using them. Computers alone can suck a lot of energy overnight when you’re sleeping, plus if you leave the house to go to work. That’s 8-16 hours of the day where it’s pulling energy and you’re not even home to use it. Multiply that by 30 days of the month and you’ve got 240 – 480 hours of the month where a 800W power supply is constantly running.
  4. Switch to new, energy efficient light bulbs. Come on, it’s 2018 already! Why are you using those old nasty ones? This will save you energy throughout the day, every day!
  5. Cover up windows, especially if the sun comes in through them. Depending on the direction your window faces, you really might want to prevent that extra heat coming in in the afternoons, when the a/c is already struggling to keep up.
  6. Last but not least, REFER FRIENDS to your electrical company. If you’re using Reliant Energy (which you should be), then you can get $50 off your bill every time someone signs up. And they’ll receive that bonus too! Look, you can get started right now with this link for $50 off your bill over at reliant’s refer-a-friend program.

There you have it, 6 easy steps to save on energy this summer, all of which cost you almost nothing and can save you hundreds of dollars per year while also reducing your carbon footprint. for more info, check out our page (

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Starting The New Year Getting a Discount On Energy

Reliant Energy Promo Code 2018

As the world enters the New Year, it is time to gear up for some exciting New Year resolutions. Your New Year resolution might vary from hitting it harder on the gym to keeping a check on your bad habits. However, if you are looking for a resolution that saves your money significantly instead of spending it more on other ways, trimming down your electricity bills might be a great consideration.

With the ever-increasing energy tariffs, cutting short on monthly electricity bills seems like a nightmare. With each passing year, energy becomes scarce and more expensive. As per the recent records, average household owners handed over around $1490 of their hard-earned money to the respective energy providers in 2017. Every now & then, the energy giants have been increasing their energy prices implying families have to face higher energy bills in 2018 and times ahead.

However, you need not put up with soaring energy rates from the energy giants anymore. By switching to a highly reliable and better energy deal or provider could help you in slashing your electricity bills by hundreds of dollars per year. If you are looking forward to kick-start your 2018 with lesser energy bills, then switch to Reliant Energy as your affordable energy service provider.
How to Save Money on Electricity This Year with Reliant Energy?

Reliant Energy Promo Codes are an efficient way of saving huge on your average electricity bills each month. You can use the special promo code offered by Reliant Energy to help pay a lower amount of energy. By using the special referral code “JML7NT” on your electricity bills, you can save a significant amount of $50 on your first electricity bill. This is applicable when you refer to someone with the given referral code as a new contract. You can also get an opportunity to receive additional credits on your monthly electricity bills by taking advantage of the refer a friend program. This helps immensely in lowering your energy bills on an average level throughout the year.

By using Reliant Energy promo code, you can reduce the overall energy costs as you start the New Year with fresh vibes. By saving ample amounts on your energy bills, you can utilize the money this year to invest the same in some better options. Reliant Energy is here to help you out with exorbitant energy bills by helping you save your expenses and energy at the same time.
If you wish to learn more about Reliant Energy and its referral code program, then you can sign up now! To top it all, you can have an unlimited number of referrals to have an eventful energy-saving new year. Use the Reliant Energy’s referral code and save up on your electricity bills significantly. Have a Happy New Year!

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Save Money On Energy For The Winter Months

reliant energy coupon code


With Christmas just around the corner, the winter months are soon to follow with the new year. Winter months mean that more and more Texas are going to be using their heaters, which also means a rise in energy costs — up to 3 times more than A/C energy usage for an average single family home. But there are ways to prevent a much higher energy bill during those cold months.

Some of the ways to save on energy may include using space heaters instead of central units and wearing warmer clothes even indoors. This is especially useful for larger homes where multiple rooms remain unused. You don’t want to have central heat working all day long to heat up rooms that are vacant.

However, for some, the new year also means that their energy contract is coming up for renewal. That will be a great time to switch to a new provider where you can get a discount as a refer-a-friend, and then you can build upon that with those in your network to increase your bill credit.

Saving Money With Reliant

By using the referral code JMLM7NT you can receive $50 off your bill when referring someone as a new contract. They will also receive that credit on their bill, lowering their overall average usage for the year. It’s a great way to reduce your energy cost when beginning a new contract in the winter months. Save the money from your energy bill and use it towards the rest of the year’s A/C costs through the southern summer heat.


You can learn more about the reliant refer-a-friend program and how you can use it to save money on your energy plan throughout the year. Click here to sign up and get your $50 referral bonus!

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Refer-A-Friend: Sign up for Reliant Energy and Refer Your Friends

Reliant Refer-A-Friend

Many companies offer a refer-a-friend program, but when it comes to reducing your electric bill, Reliant has a program that benefits both parties. By signing up for Reliant’s energy, you get access to their refer-a-friend program, which allows you to sign up a friend and receive $50 for yourself as well as giving your friend $50 in energy credit.

How to take advantage of the program

There’s only so much you can do to reduce your energy consumption. That’s why this is one of the most effective ways to reduce your energy bill.

It’s pretty easy to do. Once you sign up as a Reliant customer, you’re given a referral code with which you can share among social media or your friends. Simply refer your friends using your referral code, and you and your friend will receive a $50 credit to your energy bill. The one caveat is that this person must be a new customer or new contract to Reliant.

How does this make sense for your friends? Well, most of the energy companies are competitive in pricing. So, by giving them a $50 discount to their first bill, they’re already receiving a lower cost than their current provider. From there, they now have the ability to also share that code within their network, potentially giving them a surplus of energy credit which allows the referrer to avoid multiple payments to the energy company thanks to the referral bonus.

To learn more about the Refer-A-Friend program, click here. The number of referrals you can have is unlimited, and there’s no cap to how much energy credit you receive!

Make the switch to Reliant and receive a $50 reward with promo code: JMLM7NT.

Click here to sign up for savings with Reliant Energy!

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